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What can we do together? ​

Consulting for Human Services (CFHS) is built on the belief that mission and margin shouldn't be competing concepts for our clients.


Our team includes current and retired C-Suite executives, operations leaders, clinicians, award-winning branding and marketing strategists, and certified project managers who share a passion for helping mission-driven organizations thrive. We're not looking for customers. We're looking to build relationships.

Today, we partner with nonprofit provider organizations, payors, state systems, associations, start-ups, and private equity firms across all verticals of complex care. 


A few words from our Founder & CEO, 

Stacy DiStefano

I've had the privilege of working with clients all across the country (and a few in Ireland & Canada) during my 20+ year career.

Perhaps we've met during my work building home and community based (HCBS) programs for a national provider organization, or while I was leading the consulting services at a boutique firm in central Pennsylvania. Or maybe you've sat in the audience at a conference presentation. If we aren't yet acquainted, let's change that.


What can we do for you? A few possibilities:​

​Strongly rooted in behavioral health direct care, with deep experience in homeless services, long-term supports and services (LTSS), IDD, autism, SUD, and integrated care delivery, let us put our experience and network to work for you. As trusted deal advisors for private equity firms, we support your due diligence and bring field-based guidance to enhance your data analytics.​

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Our Values

At the core of everything we do.


We limit the number of active engagements to ensure high-quality personalized service with quick project turnaround times. We don’t cut corners here, and we are selective about the clients we accept.​


At the foundation of any great business—including ours—is an open dialogue between the company and the client. Honesty is a core principle of ours when we communicate.​


We have a tight team that promotes creativity and visionary thinking; we are small but nimble, surpassing industry standards and providing clients with a unique experience that sets us apart.​

Our Team

A sample of our expertise.

Founding Principal

Over 20 years of experience in business development, strategy and service line development, mentoring and coaching, leading multi-state operations, refining board management and governance, private sector advisement.

Human Resources SME

Over 20 years of industry experience; experienced educator, held leadership positions across several organizations; specializes in talent and organizational strategy; leadership coaching; developing and implementing strategic practices to attract, develop & retain staff; inclusive, people-centered outcomes driven approach

Mental Health School Counseling & SPED SME

K-8 educational consulting, social emotional learning, behavior plans, family crisis services, ESL engagement and education, trauma informed education.

Finance SME

Over 30 years of extensive financial and senior leadership in behavioral healthcare. Also specialized in financial recapitalization, management and implementation; executive leadership and employee training; mergers and acquisitions expertise; business development and streamlining systems.

Compliance SME

Over 20 years of experience leading cross functional teams through industry and company changes. Specializes in quality assurance, compliance, and consulting services to privately owned, private equity backed, and nonprofit companies, with a focus on behavioral health, child welfare, and IDD. Serves as an advisor and partner to companies and helps them further their mission by strengthening their quality and compliance efforts. 

Digital Communications Specialist

Specialized in multimedia journalism; multimedia storytelling; marketing; internal and external communications strategy and planning; social media; creativity coaching.

Operational, Clinical & Quality Improvement SME 

Over 20 years of experience in healthcare industry; specializes in clinical & operational oversight, change management, leadership development & organizational development; 
board certified behavior analyst; certified Praesidium Guardian.

Quality Assurance &
Compliance SME

Certified Project Management Professional (PMP), specializes in market research methodology and analysis; business development; process improvement; proposal writing, editing and production management.

Partnered IT Agency & SME

Founder and Chief Information Officer of tech solutions firm; specializes in IT consulting; project management; EHR support and management; optimization workflow design; application implementation and support services; and website design and hosting.

Sales SME

Over 20 years of experience in SaaS, Healthcare & Human Services. Seasoned strategic marketing executive & innovative sales leader specializing in strategic planning, campaign development, creative multimedia storytelling, & brand strategy. 

Data Specialist

Specialized in data and statistical analysis; market research methodology and analysis; training and development; industrial psychology; technology assessment and implementation.

Project Management 

Specialized in project management, Market Research Methodology and analysis; business development; process improvement; proposal writing, editing and production management.

Autism Services & Clinical Operations SME

Over 20 years of experience in healthcare industry; specializes in autism services for both children and adults; clinical operations in both non-profit and for-profit sectors; human capital management; served on Texas HHSC Autism Council, SB 7 IDD Systems Redesign.

Provider M&A SME

Consolidation through mergers and acquisitions can be a game-changer. By bringing together smaller providers offering similar services, we can negotiate better deals with payers and ensure comprehensive care. At CFHS, we're paving the way for integrated agencies and organizations, urging IDD providers to diversify their offerings, including mental health care. This strategy benefits both the clients' and the business's health — delivering holistic care while safeguarding against over-reliance on a single revenue stream.

Operations SME

Over 40 years of experience in the health and human service industry, leading both private and public organizations – in institutional and ambulatory settings. Also specialized in strategic planning & organizational development; clinical process performance management and process improvement; integrated care system design, development & management; and new program design and development.


Over 20 years of experience partnering with nonprofits to design, build and support HIPAA compliant IT environments. Their experience allows us to provide nonprofit customers with industry best practices and enterprise-grade cybersecurity solutions that are tailored to fit budgets of varying sizes.

Brand Strategist & Storytelling Specialist

Emmy-award winning, specialized in brand strategy; digital storytelling; marketing and communications planning and development.

Social Media & Web Development Specialist

Specialized in social media content development and posting, website management, measuring analytics and ensuring ROI.

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