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Drive M&A Value Through Human Capital

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Pre-Close: HR Due Diligence & Future Planning

Pre-close preparation is crucial in the M&A process, and human capital plays a pivotal role in the success of the deal. Our pre-close services encompass two essential phases: HR Due Diligence and Future State Planning. These services are designed to evaluate the workforce, assess culture compatibility, and create a vision for the future, setting the stage for a seamless integration.

HR Due Diligence Services

  • Review of Employee Data Examination of Compensation & Benefits

  • Evaluation of HR Policies & Procedures

  • Analysis of Labor Relations

  • Review of Pending Legal Actions

  • Cultural Assessments

Future State Planning Services

  • Culture & Talent Assessments

  • Organizational Design

  • Retention Planning 

  • Creating Offer Letters, Employment Agreements & Severance Packages

  • Development of Comprehensive Change Management Plans

Post-Close: Day 1 Execution & The First 100 Days

The post-close phase is a pivotal juncture in M&A, where your merger or acquisition must set a positive tone for employees and customers. Ensuring trust and loyalty is essential. In this phase, we offer two critical services: Day 1 Execution and The First 100 Days. These services help to effectively communicate the vision, address concerns, and ensure a smooth transition, focusing on culture, talent, and strategic alignment.

Day 1 Execution

  • Execution of Change Management & Communication Plans

  • Delivery of Offer Letters, Employment Agreements & Severance Packages

  • Appropriate Day-1 Activities (Remote or In-person)

The First 100 Days

  • Structured as Retainer with Support Phasing Out as Internal Teams are Established   

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