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Explore client success stories that showcase tangible outcomes and impact achieved through partnering with CFHS.


Lisa Kapp, Vice President,
Advent International Corporation

We've been extremely fortunate to have the opportunity work with and to get to know the CFHS team— they have become our go-to expert on all things behavioral. The CFHS team is able to uniquely leverage a combination of her clinical background, deep subject matter expertise, and network of providers to help provide extremely nuanced perspectives on clinical programming and end-market trends. Their passion, energy, and professionalism makes them a joy to work with!


Linda Timmons, President and CEO of Mosaic

CFHS has a wealth of knowledge in the human services and healthcare field and is delightful to work with. Always professional with the unique ability to relate to a wide variety of audiences. With the transformation occurring in MLTSS, CFHS is one of our "go-to" experts.


Darryl Donlin, VP Client Partnerships, Beacon Health Options

CFHS has a unique ability to lead the complex operations of a multifaceted organization and create more efficient processes to produce improved results. I've seen staff respond positively to their leadership style and have always appreciated their willingness to collaborate and place the needs of the organization above all else.


Kathy Carmody, CEO of Institute on Public Policy for People with Disabilities

CFHS’ expertise, engaging style, and facilitation skills have greatly benefited my organization of I/DD CEOs from across Illinois. The CFHS team is forward thinking and their problem-solving approach to complex I/DD challenges and topics is recognized by our members. They are regarded as a go-to expert on strategies and solutions to address organizational and systemic issues confronting I/DD communities. CFHS is a pleasure to work with and a consummate group of professionals.


Patrick Maynard, PhD, President and CEO, Boundless

"I can't say enough about how values set people and organizations apart, and CFHS reflects the highest standards that our field should aspire to. I always know that when I engage the CFHS team, those values are the foundation of all they do. They always come from a place of finding value for me and my organization - I am always at ease in working with CFHS because of that trust.


Brad Circone, Brand Director, 
Creative Spot

We had a wonderful experience with CFHS. At every touch they were pleasant, professional and passionately engaged. Further, their initial RFP format, ongoing communiques and accessibility, as well as responsiveness to our team’s inquiries, were quick, concise, helpful and clear. They turned a sometimes-toilsome process, into a journey of delight. For that, we thank you. Stacy has selected the best of breed professionals to represent her and the CFHS brand.

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